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Do you have an Ex filter?

Have you ever been on a date and noticed you were comparing the man sitting across from you to your Ex? In this video I break down what an Ex filter looks like. How it is sabotaging your chances of finding your person. And worst of all, how it is keeping your perfect match from […]

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He needs to say “I love you” first…

Have you ever heard that whoever cares the least in a relationship has the most power? Let me save you some suffering and aggravation… Women have been trying this strategy for years.  Holding back on their feelings and waiting for him to go first.  Convinced that playing it cool and hiding how you really feel […]

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Someone has to pay…

Someone has to pay…😟 Can you relate to this? Many of the women I talk with feel like they have to resolve the pain and disappointment of their past relationships before they can move forward into a new relationship? There is this horrible myth floating around that someone has to pay for any and all […]


Morning Dread

How many times has this happened to you? You’re getting ready for work in the morning and noticed a feeling of dread creep over you? It’s not your work you are dreading, it’s that other thing… You know what I’m talking about. That moment when your co-workers ask you what you did last night or […]

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I just got off the phone with yet another woman who seems to have it all together.  She is a physician with a successful practice.  Well respected in her community.  Has great friends and feels good about her health and her appearance.  Sadly she is trapped in FOMO-FOCA and, as great as her life looks […]

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Leaning back to attract a man is a lie…

Have you ever been told that if you want to find a quality man…you need to lean back and let him lead? Let me save you some hard work and aggravation. For more than 10 years now this approach has been in vogue.  Drop the hankie.  Hint but don’t be direct. Or wait no matter […]

Men Are Horrible Guessers…

NEWSFLASH! – Men are horrible guessers. So, why does it surprise you when they don’t just know what it is you need or are hoping for? This may surprise you but men feel their best when they’re making a woman happy. So, how do you both get exactly what you want? Ken breaks it all […]

Why The Difference Between Relationships and Partnerships Have a Huge Impact On Your Success in Love…

Did you know there is a difference between relationships and partnerships? And that difference plays a huge role in the chances of long-term success. In this video I share what is needed from each party to ultimately work and grow together. If you’re someone who’s carried most, if not all of the weight in your […]