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What Is It That You Want?

Are you focused more on what you don’t want rather than what you do want? Often, we’ve had experiences in our lives that lead us to concentrate on avoiding the possibility of repeating what we DON’T want, and we lose sight of what we truly DO want. Watch this quick video to find out how […]

It’s tick, tick, ticking…

Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick… Do you hear it? It’s the time bomb that’s sitting in the middle of the room every time you and your man get together. The thing that is annoying you or insulting you or invalidating you, and you’re terrified of mentioning it to him for fear it will piss him […]

Don’t waste your time…

Do you ever wake up dreading the thought of going out there again?  You know what I mean. You want to be in a great relationship where you feel loved and adored, but you just don’t have the energy to try any more. You already know what’s going to happen. You’ll end up attracting guys […]

The worst place on the planet to live!

Remember that time you were in a relationship that you knew wasn’t working but you still couldn’t seem to walk away. Things started out great.  He was attentive, passionate, interesting AND interested.  This was “The One.” You could see a future with this guy. Then something happened.  It seemed like he just got lazy. He […]

10 Things Men Wish Women Knew…

The best way to find out what a man is thinking is to ask him in a way that gives him the time he needs to respond from his truth. (BTW – men keep their truth deep down inside so it takes some time to access.) Asking can be uncomfortable. Waiting for his answer can feel even more […]

How do I get my partner to open up?

I ran across another great post at The Good Men Project.  I am sharing this with you because it addresses one of the most common questions I hear from the people I work with.  “How do I get my partner to open up?” My advice always starts with remembering that a fulfilling relationship is easiest to attain when […]

Improve Your Relationships with Men Forever Starting Tomorrow…

I wanted to let you know that relationship expert Alison Armstrong’s all-new Living the Queen’s Code virtual training starts Tuesday, October 27th. Alison’s approach to helping you improve your relationships is respectful of the differences between the sexes –– she shows you how to honor who you are, who your mate is, as well as how to bring […]

Is a Man Merely a Hairy Woman?

My friend and mentor, relationship expert Alison Armstrong, has a delightful ability to help you laugh at your misconceptions about men –– as well as at theirs about you. Oftentimes, it’s not that you’re with the wrong man, it’s that you’re not perceiving him as a man, Alison says. In the following short video, she playfully […]