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Presenting the 2020 Man of the Month for February…

I’m very excited to announce that I am Mr. February in my friend Michelle’s 2020 Man of the Month series. And to celebrate I have a special treat for you! An exclusive interview which I recorded with Michelle, where we discuss some of the ways women self-sabotage their love lives without meaning to. Plus I […]

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Yes, I said it…

Have you ever been told that the less needs you have the more likely a man is to want to marry you? Do you believe that your needs will make you appear needy to a man, and no man wants a needy woman? Let me clarify this for you, from a male perspective. For generations […]

Are You Chasing “Maybes”?

Most relationships follow a path like this – You meet them and things take off like a rocket and then as the relationship progresses the happy times grow further and further apart and each one gets shorter than the last one?   Have you experienced something similar? Holding your breath and praying that a good […]

What do you need to bloom?

Imagine that you’re a rose. Beautiful. Breathtaking. A treat for the senses. And as a rose you need certain things in order to bloom. You need water, sunlight, the right temperature, the right soil, the proper mix of nutrients and so on. When these needs are all met you will bloom. In fact, when your […]

Losing yourself by sweeping it under the rug…

How often do you hear yourself saying… “Oh, it’s no big deal.” OR “Don’t worry about it.” OR “Never mind, it’s not important.” As you sweep your needs under the rug in your relationship and minimize what’s important to you. Losing yourself sucks doesn’t it? And the worst part is your needs don’t really disappear […]

Throwing Out My Favorite Shirt

Today I threw out my favorite shirt. Said thank you for the good times and released it. It may sound dramatic, but this shirt meant a lot to me. I bought it at the Boulder Bookstore shortly after moving to Boulder in 1996. It was not only my favorite color – orange. But what it said […]

You’re only 1 step away from getting what you want…

There is an exercise they do at high performance driving schools that will blow your mind. The instructor sets up an obstacle course with orange traffic cones and the student drives through the course with the instructor sitting next giving perfect instructions of “turn left, turn right, turn left” so the driver will not hit any cones. […]

Normal is boring…

“Sometimes I pretend to be normal, but it gets boring.  So I go back to being me.” – Unknown I love this quote because it is so true. If you’re like me, you grew up in a world where you were encouraged to be normal, just fit in and comply.  But if you think about it, […]

3 Steps to Make Room for Love Now

Have you ever had an article of clothing that you did not want to get rid of even though it no longer looked good or fit you?  Maybe there were even holes worn in it?  It really does not serve you anymore but you are so attached to it that you resist letting it go. […]

Attracting Love

We all know that love is everywhere.  It is in the trees, the flowers, children, food, family, friends, the weather, our questions and our answers. And you have probably heard that love comes from within and it’s true.  Love is like a magnet.  So until we magnetize ourselves with love for who we are, where […]