Stop Being Stuck Session


Are you ready to stop feeling stuck?

Want to know what is the underlying cause of the stress, the struggle and the scarcity in your life so you can let it go and open to the flood of ease and abundance you know is meant to be yours?

Let me apply my 20 years of experience guiding people out of their blind spots and then clearing out the stumbling blocks you keep tripping over.

Powerful and personal.

Your next step will be clear.



Is there some disconnect in your life?  

Things aren’t going like you would like them to be.  Maybe there is stress or tension or struggle or lack when what you’re looking for is connection and harmony and ease and abundance.

You have done everything you can think of to work on yourself, and still you are not living the life you desire.

The reason things are working for everyone but you is you are running into your energetic blind spots and they are keeping you stuck.

I have been helping people clean up their blind spots for nearly 20 years.  And today I invite you to clean up your blind spots once and for all.

During your Stop Being Stuck Session I use my gifts, as an intuitive, to help you identify and resolve your energetic blind spots.  The things that trip you up time and time again, keeping you from the happy, healthy, abundant life you know you deserve.

Once you get clear on what your blind spots are and resolve them, the unfulfilling patterns will be gone.

Do you have blind spots?

Everyone has blind spots.

The question to ask is, “What are your blind spots?”

What do blind spots look like?

This video nails (pun intended) what a blind spot can look like to someone else.  Watch it now!

Clearly this is an extreme example, but it illustrates how blind spots leave us feeling stuck and like no one understands.

Blind spots should be obvious, right?

You’d think so, but they’re not.  Here is the catch…

Since it is your blind spot, by definition, you cannot see it.

And because what makes up your blind spot is obvious to other people, they assume it is obvious to you as well.

So your friends, family even your spouse or partner has no idea you cannot see this thing and it is actually your blind spot.

Since it is obvious to them, they may not point it out to you, thinking it is obvious to you too.

Or if they do point it out, because it is your blind spot, you may deny it exists or simply not do anything about it.

Instead of informing them this is a blind spot for you, chances are they will just figure you are being too stubborn or stupid or difficult to act on what is clearly the issue.  (like in the video above)

What is the most effective way to identify and

resolve your blind spots?

“If I can’t see them because they are my blind spots and my friends and family can’t tell they are my blind spots because they are obvious to them, then how do I identify and resolve my blind spots?”

Great question.

Clearly, waiting for someone to stumble upon your blind spots and you noticing the visceral response you have is not a very proactive or effective approach.

First it is important to realize that blind spots we are talking about are not physical, like in your car, they are energetic.

So you need to find someone who is experienced in reading energy.

Specifically blind spot energy, because blind spots exist in a very distinct location.  And it is the last place you would think to look.

I have been helping people identify and resolve their energetic blind spots for nearly 20 years.  It is one of the most empowering and life changing gifts I am privileged to share with you.

I call this process a Stop Being Stuck Session because your blind spots effect everything – your family, your friends, your partner, your career, your body, your health, even your money.

Stop Being Stuck Session increases your awareness of your current experience, allowing you to more confidently make choices about your life.

I focus on your present-time energy so it empowers you!

What does a Stop Being Stuck Session look like?

• 60 minutes of private consultation and communication between you and me to identify what is keeping you stuck and move it out.

• Over the phone or via Skype so where you live is not an issue

• Includes a recording of our session so you can listen to the information as often as you like.

How do you do this over the phone?

Since I am reading your energetic blind spots and not your physical form, it is actually not essential for you to be sitting in front of me to read your energy.

It may be more comfortable for you to receive a reading over the phone since it eliminates any mental chatter that may try to invalidate the communication you are receiving with thoughts like, “He is just making that association based on how I look or how I’m reacting.”

A reading over the phone can allow you to be more open to the communication you receive.

Do I need a specific question to receive a Stop Being Stuck Session?

Not at all.

I can start by simply taking a look at your overall energy and communicating to you what you are showing me.

This is often a great way to start, as it often leads us to more specific topic or questions on which you would like more in depth communication.

So whether you have a specific question or not, if you feel like you are ready to end the cycle of repeating patterns in your life, that is when you are ready for a Stop Being Stuck Session.

Can you predict my future?

During your reading I may communicate to you the direction your present-time energy is heading.

This validates you and allows you to move forward with conscious awareness of the directions you are leaning energetically.

Of course, there are countless variables that play a role in your life every day, every hour, even every minute.  You choose how you respond to these variables.

There is no energy more powerful than your intention, so ultimately you choose your future.

Can you tell me about other people?

I could tell you about other people, but just as I will respect your privacy should someone else ask about you, I will respect theirs as well.

I will, however, share with you how you are relating with someone else energetically and how this relationship is affecting you.

Often times, that is the real question you have in the first place.

Who gets a Stop Being Stuck Session?

People from all walks of life are interested in being more aware of what is going on in their lives energetically.

Some simply want to experience a Stop Being Stuck Session to find out what it is like; others have specific events or experiences they want to explore.

Some are looking to gain more awareness and clarity as they approach choices in their lives, or are looking to heal emotionally or spiritually.

The best time to seek intuitive guidance is when it feels right to you.  Trust yourself!

Your brain may not be able to rationalize it, so let your feelings be your compass.

You may be surprised at what treasures await you.


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