Be “The One”


Not getting the results want from all the time and energy you are putting into dating?

Chances are you have a blind spot that is tripping you up and keeping you from being seen for the amazing woman that you are.

Blind spots are the emotional and energetic equivalent of backing your car out of the garage every morning and running into the same trash can.

And every time it happens you think, “where did that come from?  I didn’t even see it!”

Let me apply my 20 years of experience to clear out your blind spot so you can stop crashing and start connecting.

Powerful and personal.

This is how you find a man that is right for you on every level, right down to your core.




Are You Fed Up With:

  • One dead-end relationship after another?
  • Always attracting partners who need saving or fixing, are commitment-phobes, lack maturity or are just plain losers?
  • Spending weeks or months building a relationship with someone you are sure is “The One” only to have it fall apart, getting hurt and ending up back at square one yet again?

If so, it’s time you stopped focusing on strategic things like: where to meet men, flirting techniques, when to call him back or when to have sex.

These superficial strategies might get you short term results like a date, but they won’t bring you dream partner that is right for you on every level, right down to your core.

If you truly want to attract life-long love, it requires little shifts to transform what’s blocking you from true love. When you make these shifts, you will become clear about what is needed for ongoing happiness in your relationships.

Are You Open To:

  • Clarifying what you need deep down to be happy in a life-long relationship?
  • Making one essential shift that will make your Mr. Right clear and all the Mr. Maybes disappear?
  • Mastering how to appreciate your partner so he is inspired to provide you with what you need?

You have invested time, money and energy in books, trainings and webinars, but you are still not getting the results you desire.  Why?

Experience tells me you are running into your blind spots and they are keeping you in this pattern of frustration.

I have been helping people clean up their blind spots for nearly 20 years and I can help you too.

During your private Find “The One” session I use my years of training and experience along with my gifts, as an intuitive, to help you resolve the blind spots that are limiting your communication. 

Your blind spots trip you up time and time again, keeping you from the happy, healthy, life-long relationship you know is possible.

Once you get clear on what your blind spots are and resolve them, these frustrating patterns will be gone forever.

Do you have blind spots?

Everyone has blind spots.

The question to ask is, “What are your blind spots?”

What do blind spots look like?

This video nails (pun intended) what a blind spot can look like to someone else.  Watch it now!

Clearly this is an extreme example, but it illustrates how blind spots leave us feeling stuck and like no one understands.

Blind spots should be obvious, right?

You’d think so, but they’re not.  Here is the catch…

Since it is your blind spot, by definition, you cannot see what is in it.

And because what is in your blind spot is obvious to other people, they assume it is obvious to you as well.

So your friends, family even your spouse or partner has no idea you cannot see this thing but it is actually in your blind spot.

Since it is obvious to them, they may not point it out to you, thinking it is obvious to you too.

Or if they do point it out, because it is in your blind spot, you may deny it exists or simply not do anything about it.

Instead of informing them this is in a blind spot for you, chances are they will just figure you are being too stubborn or stupid or difficult to act on what is clearly the issue.  (like in the video above)

What is the most effective way to identify and

resolve your blind spots?

You may be wondering:

If I can’t see them because they are my blind spots.  And my friends and family can’t tell they are my blind spots because they are obvious to them, then how do I spot my blind spots?

Great question.

You need to find someone who is experienced in clearing blind spots.

Specifically blind spot energy, because blind spots exist in a very distinct location.  And it is the last place the untrained eye would look.

I have been helping people identify and resolve their blind spots for nearly 20 years, and I can help you too.

What does a Find “The One” Session look like?

• A private consultation and communication between you and me to identify what is keeping you from finding “The One”.

• Over the phone or via Skype so where you live is not an issue

• Includes a recording of our session so you can listen to the information as often as you like.

Do I need a specific question

to receive a Find “The One” session?

Not at all.

I can start by simply taking a look at your overall energy and communicating to you what you are showing me.

This is often a great way to start, as it can lead us to more specific topic or questions which you would like to address more in detail.

So whether you have a specific question or not, if you stop spending all your time looking and finally find “The One”, that is when you are ready for a Find “The One” Session.

Who gets a Find “The One” Session?

When you are ready for specific answers to your personal blind spots, you are ready for a Find “The One” Session.

The best time to schedule a session is when it feels right to you.  Trust yourself!

Your brain may not be able to rationalize it, so let your feelings be your compass.

You will be surprised at what treasures await you.