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Is a Man Merely a Hairy Woman?

My friend and mentor, relationship expert Alison Armstrong, has a delightful ability to help you laugh at your misconceptions about men –– as well as at theirs about you. Oftentimes, it’s not that you’re with the wrong man, it’s that you’re not perceiving him as a man, Alison says. In the following short video, she playfully […]

What’s Better Than the Fairytale?

I ran across a post by Melissa Charles at The Good Men Project today and immediately loved it. Over dinner I shared the article with my girlfriend, Anna, and she burst into tears.   I instantly knew I needed to share it with you, so here it is in its entirety.   Enjoy – Ken I Wanted a Fairy Tale […]

You will never be wrong if…

…you are being you. You are a spark, a unique expression of divine love. Some of these expressions appeal to the people around us more than others. Cool. Great. No worries. Your individuality is your influence and your currency. It is the gift of you that you are here to share with everyone you meet. One […]

Video – The most important words women don’t use…

One of the mistakes women make in their communications with men is in their choice of words. There are particular words to which men are generally more receptive. In the following short video, relationship expert Alison Armstrong gives an example of how to speak to a man when you want to address an “issue,” so that […]

Happy World Smile Day!

Today is World Smile Day! And I am sending you a smile of gratitude and happiness that you are part of this community. The intent of World Smile Day is to do an act of kindness, or help one person to smile. Why not do both!?  CLICK HERE to learn about the man who created […]

Loneliness Sucks!

Loneliness sucks! We have all felt this way at some time in our life. To be lonely is to be sad from being apart from other people. But the saddest thing of all is to be apart from ourselves. “Loneliness is a sign you are in desperate need of yourself.” – Rupi Kaur Next time […]

What are you sucking up?

I was at the car wash recently using their big, powerful vacuums. The one I picked did not seem to have the power of the one next to me so I unscrewed the nozzle and found a big blue comb stuck in the tube. The gentleman next to me laughed and said “People just don’t pay […]

How to Love a Girl Who Doesn’t Know How to Be Loved

I recently shared with you an article from my friends at Elephant Journal entitled “How to love a man who has never truly been loved.” This week I bring you the women’s version, from author Sara Rodriguez, called “How to Love a Girl Who Doesn’t Know How to Be Loved.” Whether we know it or not, we’ve […]

How to Love a Man who has Never been Truly Loved

My friend Waylon Lewis, founder of Elephant Journal, brings us this very powerful article, from author Kate Rose, that sheds light on what it takes to have a successful relationship with a man who has never been truly loved. “A wise woman knows the importance of speaking life into her man. If you love him: […]

I Love Fall

Fall is my favorite season. I love the crisp air, harvest time and the Fall colors.  (orange is my favorite) And a walk with your special someone through the falling leaves can be very romantic. For any of you who are Fall Fanatics like me here is a great tool I ran across to help you […]