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My wish for you…

A holiday rhyme for you: Ah Christmas, The holidays are finally here. I’m driving cross country to see my family this year. Back to my roots Far from where I am today That distance is much greater than just the miles, I must say. How far have you traveled? From where you began How many […]

When computers go swimming…

Here is a little ditty I wrote (based on real life events) to help you keep your head above water no matter how challenging things get this holiday season. When computers go swimming When computers go swimming They tend to get wet. The things they once knew They tend to forget. And mine did just that […]

10 Things Men Wish Women Knew…

The best way to find out what a man is thinking is to ask him in a way that gives him the time he needs to respond from his truth. (BTW – men keep their truth deep down inside so it takes some time to access.) Asking can be uncomfortable. Waiting for his answer can feel even more […]

How do I get my partner to open up?

I ran across another great post at The Good Men Project.  I am sharing this with you because it addresses one of the most common questions I hear from the people I work with.  “How do I get my partner to open up?” My advice always starts with remembering that a fulfilling relationship is easiest to attain when […]

Improve Your Relationships with Men Forever Starting Tomorrow…

I wanted to let you know that relationship expert Alison Armstrong’s all-new Living the Queen’s Code virtual training starts Tuesday, October 27th. Alison’s approach to helping you improve your relationships is respectful of the differences between the sexes –– she shows you how to honor who you are, who your mate is, as well as how to bring […]

Is a Man Merely a Hairy Woman?

My friend and mentor, relationship expert Alison Armstrong, has a delightful ability to help you laugh at your misconceptions about men –– as well as at theirs about you. Oftentimes, it’s not that you’re with the wrong man, it’s that you’re not perceiving him as a man, Alison says. In the following short video, she playfully […]

What’s Better Than the Fairytale?

I ran across a post by Melissa Charles at The Good Men Project today and immediately loved it. Over dinner I shared the article with my girlfriend, Anna, and she burst into tears.   I instantly knew I needed to share it with you, so here it is in its entirety.   Enjoy – Ken I Wanted a Fairy Tale […]

You will never be wrong if…

…you are being you. You are a spark, a unique expression of divine love. Some of these expressions appeal to the people around us more than others. Cool. Great. No worries. Your individuality is your influence and your currency. It is the gift of you that you are here to share with everyone you meet. One […]

Video – The most important words women don’t use…

One of the mistakes women make in their communications with men is in their choice of words. There are particular words to which men are generally more receptive. In the following short video, relationship expert Alison Armstrong gives an example of how to speak to a man when you want to address an “issue,” so that […]