When computers go swimming…

Here is a little ditty I wrote (based on real life events) to help you keep your head above water no matter how challenging things get this holiday season.

When computers go swimming

When computers go swimming

They tend to get wet.

The things they once knew

They tend to forget.

And mine did just that

A few weeks ago.

The photos and pages that once it did store

It was like they were gone

I could see them no more.

I tried and I tried all I could to recover

All the memories and thoughts from my digital brother.

All these things meant so much!

How could I go on?

Then reality set in.

It was time to move on.

So I packed up my sadness and went to the store

Where I found a new buddy with bells, whistles and more.

And as I sit here and type on my brand new machine

I’m reminded of something that I had once seen:

“No matter how bleak

No matter how gray

When you get to the end

It will all be okay.

And if it’s not okay…

it’s not the end.”

Happy Holidays – Ken

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