Video – The most important words women don’t use…

One of the mistakes women make in their communications with men is in their choice of words. There are particular words to which men are generally more receptive.

In the following short video, relationship expert Alison Armstrong gives an example of how to speak to a man when you want to address an “issue,” so that he’ll be more open and respond positively:

Most important words

Watch here >> The Most Important Words Women Don’t Use

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Fireside Chat

Audio Dialogue with Alison and Arielle Ford

In this very personal audio interview, Arielle shares how she learned to set boundaries at work, what five components have to be present in order for her to say yes to a project as well as:

  • How Arielle has set up her work life to do creative projects as her creative outlet.
  • How she now does things to fill herself up rather than deplete herself.
  • How we can have the benefits of a sabbatical without taking time off work.
  • How her Identity has been her accomplishments: “Who I am is what I’ve done” and how she is trying to rewire that.

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