This can be FATAL for a relationship…

Have you ever been dating someone and wondered “Why doesn’t he text or call me more?”

When you first met he was so good at communicating.  Texting to say good morning or to say he was thinking of you.  Calling to ask about your day.  But then that went away.

You’d really like to hear from him more often but don’t know how to tell him because you don’t want to appear needy.

So you sit there trapped between feeling disconnected and being afraid that if you ask for what you need it will chase him off.

It sucks, right?

The truth is, this can be FATAL for a relationship.

You start making up stories about why he isn’t communicating with you more. 

Things like…

“He must not REALLY be interested in me.”


“He’s clearly just another self-centered man who doesn’t care about my needs.”


“There must be someone else.”

This will cause you to interact with him as if these stories are true.

And your fears will literally be choking off your future with him.

This can kill your relationship.

The name of the game in having a happy, lasting relationship is clear communication. 

This is the #1 thing that contributes to you and your lovin’ man being able to understand, appreciate and support each other.

Imagine what your life would be like if whenever you felt like your needs weren’t being met you could… apply a simple formula… and know exactly how to express your needs in a way that is not needy AND inspires your man to take action.

This is not manipulation.  It is partnering with your man so everyone wins.

You are actually strengthening your relationship with every need you share with your partner.

If you’re tired of feeling trapped and are ready to take action to improve your relationship outcomes then let’s explore how to get free from this trap…

Select a time to talk with me here for your free Breakthrough Session and you’ll get crystal clear on what’s stopping you from reaching your relationship goals and your best course of action to find success in love starting today.

Talk soon – Ken

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