The worst place on the planet to live!

Remember that time you were in a relationship that you knew wasn’t working but you still couldn’t seem to walk away.

Things started out great.  He was attentive, passionate, interesting AND interested.  This was “The One.”

You could see a future with this guy.

Then something happened.  It seemed like he just got lazy.

He just wanted to hang out and stopped making plans.

Getting him to open up and communicate was like pulling teeth.  One word answers became the norm.

It felt like once again you were doing all the work to keep this relationship going!

Next thing you know you’re doubting yourself and your needs.  That voice in your head starts saying 

things like:

  • “Maybe my expectations are unrealistic”
  • “Maybe it’s not so bad”
  • “Maybe it will change if I give it more time”
  • “Maybe I’m being too needy”
  • “Maybe this is better than nothing”

Welcome to Maybe-land.  Perhaps you’re a frequent visitor here…the worst place on the planet to live!

This is where you find yourself making up excuses for him.  Justifying his bad behavior.  And pretending you don’t want more.

This is YOU abandoning YOU!

All in an attempt to allay your fears of being alone the rest of your life.

But it doesn’t work, does it?

No one can hold their breath forever.

You can only tip toe around your truth for so long.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Imagine what it would be like to feel safe owning your needs.  And actually have the words come out of your mouth in the confident way they sound in your head, instead of turning into a “this would be nice if it isn’t too much trouble” plea.

What if you had a step by step system for making sure you get what you need to thrive in your relationship instead of just survive?

And as a bonus, you know exactly who is a good match for partnership and who isn’t, so you no longer waste your time, energy and emotions on relationships that have no future.

If you need to shift the type of guys you’re attracting so you can get into a true partnership, let’s talk and get crystal clear on why it hasn’t happened yet and what to do about it.

There are a few times left this week for free breakthrough calls – but these are only for those who are committed to making a change and can’t wait to be in a true partnership.  If that’s you then let’s chat.  Just choose your time here.

If you don’t see one that works for you, just message me 🙂

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