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Someone has to pay…

Someone has to pay…😟

Can you relate to this?

Many of the women I talk with feel like they have to resolve the pain and disappointment of their past relationships before they can move forward into a new relationship?

There is this horrible myth floating around that someone has to pay for any and all wrong doings that you may have experienced.

Now this does not mean you are a vindictive person, it is simply that this myth draws it’s strength from the belief that until these things are resolved you are damaged goods or broken in some way and no one will love you.

In reality the only one paying when you follow this myth is you.

Let me save you a lot of hard work and aggravation by letting you in on how this plays out from the man’s perspective.

Imagine your new man takes you out to a beautiful 5-star restaurant. They have linen table cloths, and candles on the tables and everything is exquisite.

The waiter comes and pours you some water and presents you with the menus and asks if everything is to your liking.

And you say “Oh yes. Everything is wonderful.”

Then the waiter says, “Excellent! We will be glad to serve you, we just need you to pay this bill first.” And he presents you with a bill for $400.

And you say, “What is this? I just sat down.”

And he replies, “I appreciate that, but the people who sat here before you, they left this bill and since you’re sitting here now, you have to pay it.


How would you feel about that? This is unjust, unreasonable or just plain ridiculous?

Chances are you would feel that since you didn’t make the bill why should you have to pay for that bill, right?

Well this is exactly how your new man is feeling when you hold him accountable for what your ex-husband, ex-boyfriend or all the guys you’ve ever dated did to you.

And the truth is no quality man will stand for this.

Comparing the next man you date to your “ex” will sabotage your chances of a happy future every time, because all you will end up with is “not-your-ex.”

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

What if you knew how to release that bill? And you were able to say “You know that person who ran up this bill, they left without paying and write it off” like restaurants do, and move on.

There is a small group of women who have learned how to master the art of releasing the burden of their past relationships so they no longer feel weighed down by their history, and can move forward into a new, healthy partnership.

As a result of this shift these women feel lighter, more energetic and whole for the first time in years. By releasing their history, it raises their vibration, hope returns along with confidence and they start attracting plenty of high quality men to choose from.

If you find yourself comparing your dates to your exes we need to talk.

If you are feeling like you are damaged goods because of your past we need to talk.

If you are serious and committed to releasing your past so you can finally attract the inspiring partner you know is out there for you then click here to schedule a free call with me and we’ll line out a step by step plan for getting you on the fast track to love.

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