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Leaning back to attract a man is a lie…

Have you ever been told that if you want to find a quality man…you need to lean back and let him lead?

Let me save you some hard work and aggravation.

For more than 10 years now this approach has been in vogue.  Drop the hankie.  Hint but don’t be direct. Or wait no matter how long it takes.  He has to pursue you or you devalue yourself.

Women everywhere have tried this exact same strategy – just lean back…then Mr. Right will pick up on your hint and move heaven and earth to get to you and make you his one and only. I mean, that’s what they tell you, right?

But what really happened?

You “dropped the hankie” but you weren’t even sure you dropped it in the right way. Then you leaned back and waited and wondered and worried. For a minute, it all seemed to be working when you got a text from Mr. Hankie Picker-upper…but that didn’t lasts because you kept leaning back and he lost interest and stopped texting.  Or you stopped leaning back after he contacted you, and he still disappeared.

Not only were you not sure what to do next, all this leaning back and waiting felt totally disempowering.  It went against the deep seated desire for connection.  It was pure torture!

What would happen if you stopped leaning back…and started standing in your irresistible feminine power instead?

You got clear on what you need to be your best. Then, you knew how to express this to a man in a way that inspires him. And you didn’t waver.  You knew exactly how to set boundaries that actually draw your man closer.

And when the women I mentor do this they are able to feel powerful and confident, attract an abundance of quality men to choose from and have dating be fun and exciting again without having to wait and worry if he picked up on your hint and saw the hankie you dropped or not.

If you’re not clear on your needs, we need to talk.

If you’re not confident in expressing your needs to a man, we need to talk.

If you’re not setting boundaries or aren’t even sure what I mean by boundaries, we need to talk.

To find out how this simple and direct approach can work for you just click here and schedule a free call and unleash your feminine power to attract a true partner.

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