Attracting Love


We all know that love is everywhere. 

It is in the trees, the flowers, children, food, family, friends, the weather, our questions and our answers.

And you have probably heard that love comes from within and it’s true. 

Love is like a magnet.  So until we magnetize ourselves with love for who we are, where we are and what we are right now, it is very challenging to attract love from anywhere else.

Oh but when we get that self-love cranked up and we are fully magnetized, love comes pouring in from all directions to support and validate the love we have for ourselves. 

Without this magnet, there is not much to have supported or validated.  This is why love must start from within.

Self-love is at the core of everyone.  It is our essence.  Our connection to the higher power from which we came. 

Here are 5 self-love inspiring questions to ask yourself and start increasing your self-love immediately:

  1. How are you beautiful?
  2. How are you fun?
  3. How are you smart?
  4. How are you inspiring?
  5. How are you successful?

When you ask “how” questions instead of “are I or aren’t I” questions you open yourself up your unique expression.  

Embrace the answers you get.  There is no need to compare them to anyone else.

Your answer is your self-love, and the more you have, the more you will experience love raining into your life.


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