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Are You Craving More Support?

Are you tired of being told that if you are meant to have a lasting partnership it will just happen?  You shouldn’t need help.  Be patient.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have more support than, “Just be patient” or “It will happen when it’s supposed to happen”

Let me save you some major frustration and share a secret with you…

Know that we’ve all done this.  Bumbling around like to teenagers in the dark trying to figure out how this whole dating and relationship thing works.

  • Do you show interest or play it cool?
  • Do you let him know what you need or if he is the right guy shouldn’t he know by himself?
  • If you tell him you love him won’t that weaken your position in the relationship and make you look desperate and pathetic?

The questions, doubt and fears go on and on and on.

After all, it’s not like you received relationship training in school.

Sure you saw how your parents did their relationship, and often that wasn’t a very good example to follow.

Maybe you had a friend or family member who seemed to have a good relationship so you tried to glean something from how they interacted, but you were still guessing.

And what happens?

Well, trying to create connection and partnership without proper support and guidance is about as easy as trying to hit a piñata with a blindfold on.

You flail around in the dark desperately trying to connect with your dream guy.

You don’t even know where to start, so you just take a swing. The crowd either laughs or encourages you, but you are still in the dark hoping that luck will guide you.

Then you hit something. Not very solidly, but a glancing blow that tells you, you are close.

Immediately you start swinging like mad. You’ve gotta make this work.  Who knows when you will ever get this close again?

You put everything you have into your next swing. Thinking this may be your best chance at making the connection you have been seeking.

You hope and pray your target will stay still long enough for you to make a solid connection with your next swing…but it never does.

You miss and go stumbling into the darkness with the sounds of the disappointed crowd ringing in your ears.

You end up frustrated, exhausted, embarrassed and thinking maybe you are just meant to be single.

But in your heart you know that’s not true.

You are meant to share your life with an amazing man and enhance the world through what the two of you can accomplish together.  You can feel it in your bones.

Here’s the secret…

Getting support is how you remove the blindfold.

  • No more darkness.
  • No more flailing around hoping luck or destiny will guide you.
  • No more frustration, exhaustion and embarrassment.

As Simon Sinek said:

“Failure you can do alone, but success always takes help.”

We all need mentors.  Actors do, athletes do, business professionals do and you and I do too.

A mentor is not someone who walks ahead of you to show you how they did it and tells you to just do what they did.

A true mentor sees you as an individual and walks alongside you to show you what you can do and how to confidently follow your true path, not follow theirs.

And when you find the right mentor and receive the support you need and follow their guidance, soon you’ll be sending them an email like these from some of the women I’ve mentored on their path to partnership.

“Jarod proposed on Friday!  I never would have thought this could all come about so quickly.  You and your program, helped me find Jarod, my true partner, so much faster.  I am so excited for a happy, healthy future together. Thank you again Ken!”

– Dani – Nurse

– Lauren – Leadership Consultant

“Thank you for the wonderful session Ken. You are my mentor and guardian angel in the middle of the storm!”

– Angela – Attorney

Now the trick when getting support is that just receiving it is not enough.  

As Leonardo Da Vinci said:

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply.
Being willing is not enough; we must do.”

So if you are committed to putting the support you receive into action instead of just sitting around “being patient” and are ready to make connection with a man who adores you, then click here and schedule your Breakthrough to Partnership call with me now.

During our call we’ll get crystal clear on what has been tripping you up, create a plan for what you need to do next and put you on the fast track to partnership.

Schedule your call now so you can end the frustration and finally find the partner you deserve.

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