Are You Chasing “Maybes”?

Most relationships follow a path like this –
You meet them and things take off like a rocket and then as the relationship progresses the happy times grow further and further apart and each one gets shorter than the last one?
Have you experienced something similar? Holding your breath and praying that a good time will show up soon and save you from your misery.
Does this look familiar?
This is what happens when you are chasing Maybes.
When you follow this relationship path, you spend a great deal of time in “Maybe-land”.  Where you are settling and your needs are not being consistently met.
This is where you are making up excuses for his behavior and putting up with shit you don’t deserve.
And it is sooner or later going to lead to an unhappy ending to your relationship.
No one can survive if their needs aren’t being met in a relationship.
No, that’s wrong.
You can survive, but you can’t THRIVE in a relationship if your needs aren’t being met.
Imagine what your life will be like when your next relationship follows this path…
Notice there is no time spent in “Maybe-Land”! Because your needs are consistently being met.
A relationship like this is closer than you think when you know to show up for you instead of compromising yourself in hopes of keeping things going.
How would your life be different if you consistently got all your needs met so you could be your best every day?
Waking up every morning knowing exactly how to partner with your man to have your needs fulfilled, no matter what comes up.  He’s got your back and you’ve got his.
If you realize you spend way too much time in Maybe-land and you want world-class support and mentorship to build your confidence and be able to attract and keep a great partner — let’s find some time to talk this week. I have a few free Breakthrough to Partnership sessions on the schedule so pick yours out here –

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